matt cutts quoteThere are a few routes you can take if you decide to have your website optimised by a SEO specialist. One is to work with a freelance SEO consultant who may outsource his work to other freelancers, and another is to seek out a reputable, established SEO agency.

Experts in All Aspects of Organic SEO

The most obvious benefit of working with an agency is that is has its own set of specialists. SEO experts who specialise in certain areas are hired accordingly to meet the needs of the team. This ensures that there’s always an expert on hand to deal with the specific needs of each client.

In-House Team Based in Sheffield, UK

By working solely within its own team, an SEO agency has the peace of mind of knowing that all work is being done according to its own rigorous standards. It can provide all the training necessary to its employees in order to ensure the work is being done to a recognised set of standards.

Although some SEO agencies may outsource work to freelance professionals, there are many who prefer to have all their work done in-house, in order to ensure their strict standards are met. If freelancers are brought in to work on a project, they will often have a track record of producing good work for the agency.

If a business needs help from an SEO consultant, it’s highly likely it has other requirements that need meeting too. SEO companies are often part of a bigger organisation which specialises in web marketing as a whole. This includes everything from designing a website, to building it, to creating the content to for it. Therefore graphic designers, web designers and copywriters will also be part of the team.

These are luxuries that freelance SEO consultants do not have – unless they choose to work on just one project at a time, it’s very unlikely they’ll be able to complete all the work themselves, and they almost certainly won’t be an expert in every single aspect of SEO. As a result, freelance consultants have to rely on other freelancers to do some of their work for them. This could result in projects being completed late or to a poor standard, especially if the consultant is working with someone he or she hasn’t worked with before.

Here at SEO Clock, all our work is completed in-house by our team of specialists. Call us today on 0800 292 2410 or contact us for more information – to find out how our SEO agency can help you beat the competition on Google.

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